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Want a Used Car Loan: Here’s What You Should Know

Home - Finance - Want a Used Car Loan: Here’s What You Should Know
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Buying a car is an exciting way to spruce up your lifestyle. However, buying a car can be an expensive undertaking.

If you are a first-time car buyer, you probably wonder if getting a new or used car is better. New cars are getting more and more expensive with every passing year. Conversely, used cars are much more affordable, and 2nd hand car loan eligibility is easy to meet.

However, when people do not have much money saved, they may need to take out a used car loan.

Before shopping for your next vehicle, you need to learn more about the ins and outs of used car loans.

What aspects must be considered before submitting a used car loan application?

The following things need to be considered before applying for a used car loan:

1. Loan amount

A used car loan only covers a specific portion of the cost of the car. Only a few lenders provide 100% financing for used cars, while most base their lending requirements on the applicant’s age, income, and job history.

Additionally, the model and value of the used car are additional factors that affect the loan amount provided.

2. 2nd hand car loan eligibility and documents required

Lenders will examine the loan eligibility conditions to determine if applicants are eligible for the loan. Numerous variables affect the ability to repay a debt.

A few used car loan documents must be submitted, which expedites the application process.

The application process for a used car loan is simple, requiring few used car loan documents and specific eligibility requirements.

3. Interest rates

Given the uncertainty surrounding the car’s past and the increased risk associated, interest rates for used car loans are often on the higher side.

Additionally, a higher EMI payment will be required as a result. Therefore, choosing a lender with a reasonable interest rate is even more necessary.

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4. Used car loan tenure

Another essential thing to consider is the repayment tenure of the used car loan. Usually, the tenure is shorter in the used car loan.

If one opts for a shorter loan tenure, EMIs will be high, but the total interest cost will be lower.

5. Approval process

With some lenders, the application process may take a while, and the loan may be approved within weeks.

However, with lenders like Muthoot Capital, the application process is straightforward, with quick approval and few used car loan interest rate and  documents.


Make sure to research used cars before making a decision. Verify the car’s condition, the car estimate, and the paperwork. If you must get a used car loan, be aware that the interest rate will be greater than for a new car. Decide accordingly as a result.

Moreover, select a reliable lender for the used car loan to get the best deal and to make the process smoother.