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Where to Leverage AI to Best Upskill Your Workforce

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Leverage AI t

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Learn the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for navigating this evolving landscape.

Before John McCarthy coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) in 1956, research was underway that resulted in the irreversible breakthroughs we see in the present world. Today, AI connotes transformation, replacement, productivity, and scale. Advances in technology, including early-stage AI, have contributed to several changes in the way we operate. Milestones like as Deep Blue, Watson, and AlphaGo were significant advances in AI, although incremental innovation occurred along the process. With each advancement, possible changes sparked both dread and enthusiasm among employees.

While AI advancements can be tracked over decades, the current focus tends to be on the present rate of AI development and acceptance.

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Are their concerns justified? The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs research previously estimated that by 2025 (less than a year away), AI would displace 85 million jobs. However, the research also estimates that 97 million new employment will be created by then. It is fair to remark that the uncertainty in these estimates should make us stop before accepting them wholeheartedly. Some have speculated that AI adoption is a case of short-term loss (jobs) offset by longer-term gain (different jobs and greater productivity). That aggregate thinking is good, and even beneficial, but macroeconomic math is unlikely to alleviate an individual employee’s concerns. It is logical to hope that AI technologies can completely replace specific skill sets, but we haven’t.

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