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What is A Quizlet Live and How to Use It?

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The current times are ruled by technology as applications and different smart platforms have brought a lot of changes. These changes can also be seen in the educational system as these days there are a number of platforms and applications available for students and teachers to make education interactive and engaging. 

Quizlet is one such platform that can be used by teachers as well as students to ensure that they can easily understand difficult concepts. The application recently introduced a new feature called Quizlet Live and in this article, we are going to explain all the details that you need to know about Quizlet Live. The article will tell you how you can use this awesome platform for your benefit. 

Overview of Quizlet Live 

Quizlet Live is a collaborative gaming platform that permits teachers to host games and quizzes for students so that they can understand difficult topics easily. The game-based activities on the platform ensure that students can boost their learning and knowledge. Apart from this, teachers will also be able to get live data on the performances of their students and track their progress as they play games on the platform. 

There are a number of games available on the platform that can be used to review vocabulary, practice study materials, and learn difficult concepts for kids of all ages. 

What is the process for joining a Quizlet Live game?

Quizlet Live allows teachers to host games on the platform and if you are a student then, you need to learn the process by which you can join a game on the platform. You need to adhere to the commands that we are giving here to learn the process by which you can join any Quizlet Live game. 

  1. Access the official Quizlet Live web browser on your mobile phone or computer. 
  2. Now, you will see the option to enter a code on the screen. You need to enter the game code that your teacher has shared with you. 
  3. Hit the button that says ‘Join Game’ and enter your name. 
  4. If you are playing the game as a team then, you need to type the names of all your team members. 
  5. Click on the ‘Let’s Go!’ tab to start the game on your device. 

Does Quizlet Offer a Premium Plan?

If you are interested in using this educational platform then, you should also be familiar with the fact that Quizlet has a premium version too where students will be able to access better features and more options. While the free version is also quite good, you will get the listed features in the premium version of Quizlet Live: 

  1. Track your performance on the application and see how you are performing. 
  2. Access to join unlimited classes and games on the application
  3. Plain games without worrying about advertisements on the platform. 
  4. Use features like bold, italics and underlining to emphasise points. 
  5. Scan documents to create sets on the application for your group. 

These are the different features that students and teachers will get if they choose to get the premium version. 

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