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Unlock the Grandeur: Your Guide to Selecting a Luxury Wedding Banquet in Kolkata

Home - Lifestyle - Unlock the Grandeur: Your Guide to Selecting a Luxury Wedding Banquet in Kolkata

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Wedding ceremonies in Kolkata serve as ideal exemplars for the phrase “big fat Indian weddings!” The sheer grandeur of the ceremony is enough to make you realise how sacred and important people think of marriage ceremonies here in the City of Joy!

So, when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding banquet hall in Kolkata, the choices are as magnificent as the city itself. Because the marriage between two families (yeah you read it right- two families!) would naturally mean that the guest list will be extensive!

In this blog, we have gathered some key factors you need to consider to select the perfect banquet hall for your special day!

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

While exploring marriage halls in Kolkata, consider keeping these factors in mind to narrow down your searches for the best options-

  • Capacity

As mentioned above, the guest list of Kolkata weddings is usually extravagant with the minimum headcount starting from 200- 250 guests on each of the bride and groom’s side!

Hence, the first thing you should be determining is the total capacity of the banquet hall. Before finalising your bookings, ensure that the banquet can accommodate your anticipated guest count for seating arrangements, buffet areas, and the ceremony itself!

  • Accessibility

The next big factor is the accessibility of the venue. And as staunch followers of the philosophy “Atithi Devo Bhava”, the convenience of our guests is one of the major factors that come to play while selecting a venue.

So, while selecting the location of a luxury banquet hall, make sure to assess the accessibility factor as well. Determine whether the venue is easily accessible via public transportation. Also, make sure there is ample parking space available. This is an added facility that would greatly benefit the guests attending your wedding.

  • Ambience

Next up comes ambience. Now you may say that the ceremony itself sets the ambience of the banquet! However, that’s not it! The vibe of the banquet itself is necessary to determine the kind of ambience the venue exudes.

If your searches are limited to hotels with banquet halls in Kolkata, make sure to determine what kind of ambience the venue reflects. Does it portray a contemporary vibe, or does it exude a romantic and timeless vibe?

Determining the ambience of the place would help you to keep your wedding theme congruent with it, and also will help in setting your desired vibe on your auspicious day!

  • Services

If you are looking for banquet halls offered by luxurious hotels in Kolkata, make sure to ask whether they provide additional services like catering or decoration along with the venue.

Many luxurious hotel chains like The Park Hotels Kolkata, have in-house catering and decoration services. So, while booking the venue, ask for their menu options and the kind of decoration packages that they have to offer.

Also, don’t forget to ask whether they allow outside vendors, just in case you had your catering and decoration services pre-arranged!

  • Reviews And Ratings

After you’re done with exploring your wedding banquets, to get a better idea of what to expect, take a look at the pictures shared on various review websites and Google. Go through the customer reviews and ratings section before finalizing or making an advance payment. Reviews and ratings on online platforms speak a lot about the quality of the services and the overall experience.

Remember the golden rule! More positive reviews and ratings mean the banquet has an excellent reputation. This means that the decision to invest in that particular venue will be worth it!

Additionally, while working on the budget for your venue, make sure to include the additional costs of catering, decoration and any other customisation to determine an estimation of the overall package.

Wrapping It Up

Organising a wedding ceremony here in Kolkata, is no less than preparing for “WAR”! And the choice of your wedding venue is an important element that plays a significant role in determining the ambience and elegance of your entire celebration.  ­Hence, stay cautious while exploring the venues, and make sure to consider the above-mentioned factors for a successful outcome!