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Understanding Chatbot Development in Your Gojek Clone

Home - Technology - Understanding Chatbot Development in Your Gojek Clone

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A chatbot plays a key role when it comes to interaction between your customers and your business. Not only does it drive more queries for your customers, but it also helps you improve your business processes effectively. In this blog, you will understand the factors to keep in mind when developing a chatbot for your Gojek Clone.


Today, technology is evolving rapidly, offering businesses multiple chances to market their brands and make customer experience a rewarding feature. One of as the most common piece of technology known today is chatbots. It is a tool used by a vast number of businesses today, allowing them to communicate with their respective customers. Let us understand more about the concept of chatbots.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a program or software application with an aim to streamline communication between users and businesses. In this online business ecosystem, a chatbot plays a significant role in carrying out extensive information efficiently. For instance, if someone wants to understand the workflow of a taxi-booking app, a chatbot can process the data in a few seconds. Most importantly, it handles all the crucial information related to business services and respective features. To put it simply, a chatbot is platform place where a user can find everything about the Gojek Clone business.

Why a Multi-Service Business Should Implement Chatbots?

Similar and repetitive queries often have identical answers. Therefore, a chatbot makes things easy because it can provide answers similar to one another. Whether it is finding out the support email id or understanding the steps of a taxi-booking app, a chatbot can blurt out precise information in a matter of few seconds. That’s why it plays a crucial role in a multi-service business such as Gojek.

Big companies like Gojek have countless customers in many different companies. With such an incredible amount of customers located globally, Gojek has started to use chatbots, and today, these bots handle 45% of all mobile customer interactions. More than 35% of executives across industries have widely adopted chatbot technology in their businesses. Let us now understand what factors to consider when creating a chatbot for Gojek Clone.

Factors to Consider When Developing Chatbot for Gojek Clone

1.    Greeting

The Chatbot should include a memorable greeting text to create an engaging first impression when user opens it. Every single page greeting could also be different to provide a more personalized experience. A simple greeting initiates the conversation such as, “Hello, how can I help?” This gives the customer a sense of hope that they can find answers to their queries without spending time on a call with customer support.

A survey also shows that an active chatbot increases the rate of customer engagement over the app. In other words, it allows the user to chat and use the service again by getting an answer by the bot.

2.    Personality

Build the Gojek Clone chatbot for not just communicating with customers. However, give it a new character that matches the brand image and the design of website. Remember these general rules to create a fantastic chatbot personality:

  • Never give chatbot a human face or avatar
  • Tell users know that they are communicating with a chatbot
  • Outline the chatbot’s tone and voice established on the target customers

3.    Show the Importance

No matter if chatbot is being used to collect customer email addresses, or get feedback through product surveys, always let users know right away how the chatbot can assist them. If explaining the chatbot’s value upfront is too lengthy for the initial greeting, plan to provide that information immediately after the welcome message instead. Try to avoid asking too many qualifying questions early on, as this can discourage users from continuing the conversation. Instead, use concise messaging and eye-catching visuals that hook customers from the start and convince them to continue.

4.    Display Buttons

Buttons are great way to help users interact with chatbot. They present available options and allow users to accomplish tasks without typing any text. Buttons are beneficial for mobile users interacting with chatbots. When users type responses, they may make mistakes or use-phrasing chatbot does not understand which can confuse the bot and ruin the experience. Buttons reduce the potential for misunderstandings, boosting engagement and improving conversation flow.

5.    Design Appropriate Fallback Messages

Even great chatbots may sometimes fail to understand a user’s question. In these cases, a fallback message should be displayed when the chatbot cannot match the user’s input to a scripted response. A good fallback message is crucial—it allows the chatbot to recover from miscommunications and get the conversation back on track. Design fallback messages that gracefully acknowledge the issue and provide the next steps. For example, if the reply chabot is“I am sorry, I still can’t understand” and then add buttons for them to communicate.

6.    Choose the Right Communication Channels

For more engagement, develop chatbot on right communication channels that are widely used by people. Requiring users to a separate app or register on a new site creates unnecessary friction.

7.    Strategic Use of Notifications

Chatbots enable timely notifications to nudge users into taking desired actions without the user having to first open an app or website. Apps can trigger notifications, but users are more likely to respond to an interactive chatbot message than a static notification. However, don’t overuse this capability – users will tune out overly frequent, irrelevant notifications. Implement checks to detect notification fatigue and adapt frequency accordingly. Importantly, never send notifications for actions already completed.

8.    Right Technology Stack for Chatbots

The programming language, architecture, and development platform selection is important for the development of Gojek Clone’s chatbots. They are crucial for chatbot’s success. Some common programming languages for Chatbots include Java, Swift, PHP, and Node.js.

The selected architecture defines the chatbot’s purpose. A simple pattern-matching architecture may be enough for narrow tasks like scheduling appointments, but more complex chatbots need advanced architectures.

9.    Develop Chatbot on Multiple Channels

To reach more users, consider deploying chatbot on multiple channels. Placing it on business website ensures accessibility for website visitors while using popular messaging apps to expand bussines reach. A dedicated app offers more control but requires more development effort. This would allow the chatbot to assist users with various services like ride-hailing, food delivery, parcel delivery, and more.

10.  Monitor and Analyze the Chatbots

Monitor and analyze the performance of App’s chatbot regularly using metrics like response times, chat duration, joint issues, and customer satisfaction scores. Pay close attention to chat duration, as most conversations should be resolved quickly. Analytics tools that show patterns across channels can help businesses improve Chatbot usage of Gojek Clone over time.

How to Get Pre-Build Chatbot for Your Gojek Clone?

As you know, what factors are to be considered when building a chatbot for an app. However, all this is already been created by the clone app development company years of development. Whether it is related to the UI/UX of the app or chatbot tool for customer interaction. You just need to hire them and tell them your specific needs or ideas you have. The company’s skilled developers will build a personalized Gojek Clone with the chatbot feature. It will be ready in just 1-2 business weeks and prepared to launch in the market.  


Building a Chatbot for your Gojek Clone will help you stay ahead in the future. Because of its simple creation, users’ queries will be resolved in no time. To create a good chatbot platform, either you need skilled developers or hire a professional white-label firm. Remember to take the factors discussed into consideration when building a chatbot platform for your business.