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String Wound Cartridge Filters: The Perfect Filtration Solution

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String wound filters are different kinds of filters made by wrapping threads around a central core. It is like making a strong net by twisting microfibre threads together. After the net is made, it is wrapped around the center in a honeycomb pattern which makes it a String wound filter. The thread used in these filters is critical, as it influences the filter quality, the material in the center, and the efficiency of the filters. So, we need to keep in mind what level and what kind of filtration we want to create for your system.

mmp is a trusted wound filter cartridge manufacturer, that is widely used in various industrial applications. mmp wound filter cartridges are made using advanced technology and high-quality materials that ensure superior filtration efficiency and long service life.

How does it work:

String wound cartridge filters are designed to be thicker in the middle and thinner on the edges. This unique design helps to trap the bigger dirt particles first, and then it filters out the smaller dirt particles from the liquid. Also, the design helps in holding a lot more dirt, for a longer duration.

String wound filters are like handy helpers that work in various places to clean up different liquids. They play a crucial role in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, mining, chemicals, oil and gas, gas and air, flue gas, desalination, and automotive. These filters are particularly good at cleaning up:

  • Water
  • Things that are a bit like soap (Alkalis)
  • Water that’s a bit strong (Dilute acids and Alkalis)
  • Special liquids like medicine (Organic acids and solvents)
  • Safe-to-drink liquids (Potable liquids)
  • Oils that come from the earth (Petroleum oils)
  • Strong liquids (Mineral acids)

So, wherever there’s a need to clean up these kinds of things, you might find these string wound filters doing an important job!

Advantages of String Wound Cartridge Filters:

The string wound cartridge filter is a very important part of the liquid cleaning process. As these cartridges have a higher capacity to hold dirt for a longer duration, it is used in the filtration process of various industries. High-quality string wound filters are made to last long.

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The filters use a method called “Knife-edge sealing,” which helps them to stay in place and remain sturdy during the filtration process. This keeps dirt out of the process of filtration.

While buying a filter cartridge, it is important to opt for one that has this special sealing, otherwise your process might get hampered due to flaws in the filter. Cheaper filters may not always have this protection in them and this can cause water leakage or dirt to get through. Keeping these things in mind, one must always choose a quality filter.

Importance of choosing the right filter:

Water filter cartridge is one of the most important parts of making any product in any industry. It becomes essential to choose the right string wound filter. So, let’s understand how you can get the right string wound filter for your system. There are four important components of this filter: the core, yarn, endcap, and gasket.

To improve the efficiency of the filtration process, the yarn used in making the filter has to be of high quality and should be wound with care. The filter cartridge should have a sturdy core, and good-quality yarn, and should be manufactured with the proper expertise. When the filters are manufactured using top-quality components, they work better and last longer.

It’s always a great idea to buy filters from manufacturers who are renowned and use the latest technology in their manufacturing process. If you are in India, it’s even better to buy from someone local. Buying locally gets you the filter quickly and in case of any help, it is easier to reach out to them.

Now, let’s explore some features to check while selecting a good filter:

Clean Chemicals: A good filter always has the right use of chemicals. They don’t have any harmful chemicals being used in them, keeping things simple and clean.

Woven in Layers: Like a sandwich – layers are important! The filter should be made in a way that helps it catch all the different kinds of dirt.

Micron rating: There are specific micron filters that do specific types of cleaning. You need to find which type of filters may benefit you.

Dirt holding capacity: Good string wound filters can hold dirt for a longer period without getting broken.

A bad filter can cause issues in the filtration process, and if the filter is not good, there might be a chance of getting gaps and thread shifting because of which the filter might not perform efficiently. It is recommended to choose a filter that is made out of good-quality raw materials so that it does its job smoothly.

Best Wound Filter Cartridges in the Market

mmp, a prominent player in the Indian filtration industry, has earned a household reputation for its commitment to delivering high-quality air and water filtration solutions. Among its notable innovations is the Hydro Wound series, a sophisticated line of string wound filter cartridges that are excellent in filtration technology.

At the core of Hydro Wound lies its unique yarn, meticulously manufactured by mmp utilizing advanced Austrian technology known as FRICTION Spinning or DREF Spinning. This proprietary process ensures the production of pure yarn without the incorporation of additives or binders, resulting in a yarn with 20-40% increased air volume – a standout feature in the realm of filtration.

The distinctive cross-sectional diameter of the Hydro Wound yarn contributes to its exceptional water absorption capabilities. By facilitating water passage through the yarn, filtration occurs through absorption, allowing for enhanced liquid permeability through the filter cartridges. This unique yarn nature not only optimizes the filtration process but also significantly augments the cartridge’s capacity to retain dirt efficiently.

The Hydro Wound filter cartridges present a dual advantage: a notably low-pressure drop, translating to an extended operational life, and an elevated dirt-holding capacity. mmp’s Hydro Wound series stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering efficient and reliable filtration solutions in the complex landscape of air and water purification.

At mmp, we provide customize options in terms of length and micron. Lengths can be available as per customers requirement, ranging from 5”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, 50” and 70” and microns can range from 0.5,1,5,10,25,50,75 & 100 UM


In conclusion, string-wound cartridge filters stand out as the most reliable choice for water purification across various industries. However, it’s crucial to comprehend the specific applications of these cartridge filters and make important decisions. As one of the foremost manufacturers, mmp is at the forefront of innovating string wound cartridges. Make mmp the go-to choice for anyone seeking advanced filtration technology. Contact us now and upgrade your filtration system.