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Streamlining QuickBooks Integration with Artificio’s AI-Powered Platform

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Accounts payable is a crucial financial process for any business, but it can also be incredibly time-consuming and error-prone when done manually. From sorting through piles of invoices and purchase orders to cross-checking vendor information, line item details, and approval workflows, the AP process is rife with opportunities for costly mistakes.

That’s where Artificio comes in. Our cutting-edge AI technology seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to automate and streamline accounts payable from start to finish. Let’s take a detailed look at how Artificio revolutionizes the invoice journey.

The  Email Inbox: Where It All Begins

When a vendor sends you an invoice, it typically enters your organization through the email inbox, often bundled with other documents like purchase orders and receipts. With Artificio, our AI immediately reads and classifies each file, routing invoices, POs, receipts, and other documents to their respective processing flows based on your predefined settings.

This intelligent classification ensures that invoices skip the clutter and move straight into the AP automation pipeline, dramatically accelerating processing times compared to manually sorting through emails. Artificio can handle invoices and supporting documents in any format – PDFs, digital images, scans, and more.

Vendor Validation and Onboarding

As invoices are ingested, Artificio cross-checks the vendor details against your existing QuickBooks vendor list. If the vendor is not found, our system flags it and provides you with the option to quickly onboard them as a new vendor.

Simply enter the vendor’s email address, and Artificio will automatically send them an onboarding link to collect all necessary information for registering them in QuickBooks. Once completed, the new vendor record is synced seamlessly with your account payable software.

This automated vendor management process eliminates the hassle of manually entering new vendors while ensuring your books remain accurate and up-to-date with your latest suppliers.

Line Item Matching and PO Validation

With vendor details verified, Artificio proceeds to the critical step of line item matching. Our AI meticulously cross-checks each line item on the invoice against the corresponding purchase order data in QuickBooks, flagging any discrepancies in quantities, pricing, or overall invoice amount.

If mismatches are detected, Artificio allows you to quickly route the invoice to relevant internal teams or approvers for review, based on your organization’s approval routing workflows.

This intelligent line item matching helps catch costly billing errors before payment, ensuring you only pay what you’ve actually been invoiced for while maintaining tight controls over spend management.

Intelligent Approval Routing and Reminders

Speaking of approval workflows, Artificio takes the guesswork out of determining who needs to sign off on an invoice. Our system analyzes historical approval patterns within your organization and makes smart recommendations on routing invoices to the appropriate approvers based on criteria like:

  • Department/Cost Center
  • Spend Category (e.g. marketing, IT, professional services)
  • Invoice Amount Threshold
  • Specific Vendors or Vendor Categories

For example, if an invoice involves marketing spend over $10,000, Artificio might suggest including the head of marketing in the approval chain based on prior activity. You can easily add or modify these recommendations with a few clicks.

What’s more, Artificio can issue automated reminders to approvers via channels like email, ensuring invoices don’t get stuck in approval purgatory. The same reminder functionality also extends to payment due dates, helping you avoid costly late fees.

QuickBooks Sync

Once an invoice has been fully validated, matched, and approved, it’s time for payment processing. With a single click, Artificio syncs the invoice data directly to QuickBooks Online, updating your books in real-time.

This seamless synchronization eliminate the need for manual data entry, dramatically reducing processing costs while accelerating vendor payment cycles – a win-win for ensuring health supplier relationships.