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Purpose and Success of Thesis Writing: Three Cs To Create Impact

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Table of Contents

What was your dream as a child? To count the stars? Or to know why you have to count the stars? Both dreams are potential legends. But what makes your inquisitive mind and dreaming soul turn into reality? Of course hard work but in the right direction. Since every dream is unique, every reality too should make a difference. Now is the time to turn your unusual dream into a remarkable reality. Pick up the thesis you have in hand and start writing to create a difference. However, before that, finish the purpose that brought you here. The article will provide you with a comprehensive answer to your purpose- help me write a thesis.

Since you can write a thesis, you have written some research papers and assignments. This means you have an idea about academic writing and its basic rules. Even if you don’t, fret not. The article will brush up your memory.

Basic Rules of Thesis Writing

1. Demonstrate a Problem or Gap in Existing Knowledge

The most basic rule of a thesis is its core purpose. Every thesis must be based on a problem, a question, a gap or a scope of further research in the existing knowledge of the field of the field of study. The statement of the problem must be justified by evidence so that the examiner is convinced by your research.

2. Research

To find a gap, you need to conduct a deep study of your field of study. You have to read the thesis, books and papers already written on the topic you are aiming to centre your thesis on. Find data, statistics, theoretical evidence and case studies that support your claim of the problem. Seek help from thesis writing services to get guidance in the research process. 

3. A Comprehensive Claim of the Problem

Once you have collected the evidence and the problem, the basic rule is to present them comprehensively. The problem should be clear without creating any enigma. The evidence should logically support the existence of the problem. This comprehensive explanation will convince the examiner to think about the problem.

4. A Clear Explanation

When you explain your statement of a problem or your arguments on why that problem exists and how it can be solved, your language should be academic. Academic language is mostly passive, formal, precise, clear and with jargon. You cannot write a thesis in a conversational language using slang. Your reader is an academician who is interested in academic writing, not a common youth who is looking for relatable content. For language and format guidance, help with writing a dissertation services can guide you.

5. Content

The content of your thesis must follow the basic format to be considered as an academic writing. We all know that academia has disciplines, values and rules. You might have broken rules in college or school. However while writing an academic paper, breaking format and rules can lead you to ethical problems. And on top of that, all your hard work will go in vain when your paper is rejected. To avoid this, connect with Help Me Write a thesis service which can guide you so that your paper at least qualifies for academic writing.

The aim of your thesis should not be just gaining a degree or marks. It should also be to create or contribute something new to the academic, professional and social world. Your critical thinking should be a weapon to criticise the wrong, to create the right and to apply the credible solution. Here note the words- criticise, create and credible. These three Cs are crucial to make your thesis stand out.

Let’s dig into them in detail.

The Three Cs to Successful Thesis

1. Criticise

For a thesis to be impactful, it should be backed by critical thinking. You shouldn’t just read the existing knowledge but deep dive into it and find the undiscovered pearl in the ocean. Critical thinking is the only way to find the problem and build the foundation of your thesis. You can find and read a lot of materials but in that vastness, you have to find that pain point that remains unaddressed. Thesis writing services can help review the relevance of your pain point.

2. Contribute

Your critical thinking will reach its goal when you innovate something new and relevant to the problem in the field of study. Your new idea will be the contribution you will make to the existing knowledge. Without this unique contribution, your thesis will have no meaning, no purpose.

3. Credible

Lastly, to make your thesis a success you must offer credibility. Credibility is determined by the honesty of your thesis. Your problems must be justified, your arguments must be relevant and your hypothesis or solution must be practical. If you want to address the problem, you need to find a credible and practical solution. The solution that creates an impact while being within the framework of ethics and laws. To be sure about it, seek review and feedback services of help me write a thesis.

Now it is time for you to see the format of the thesis. You must rote-learn the format because without this, your thesis, no matter how rightly it follows the three Cs, will not be relevant. So to make your hard work pay off, follow the format of academic writing.

Although the format of writing changes with the countries and their Universities, the basic format followed in Australia or any other country is the following

Format of Thesis Writing

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of Content
  3. Abstract
  4. Introduction and Hypothesis
  5. Literature Review
  6. Data Collection Method
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Result
  9. Discussion
  10. Conclusion
  11. References

So that’s all! The article covered the pain points of thesis writing that if addressed can create an impactful thesis. Now it is your turn to keep this guide in your mind and frame your thesis accordingly.

The article assumes that you are passionate about the thesis. That you are eager to bring your creativity and innovation to the table. If not, then start now. First of all, tickle your passion and wake it up from the slumber. Without passion and determination, you cannot do anything. Even if you want to write the thesis just for marks, you can’t do it without these two basic requirements. Thesis writing cannot be done if you put a piece of yourself in it. To find the passion, explore the areas of interest and get down to writing the thesis. If there are any points left unaddressed, you can connect with help with writing a dissertation.