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On-Demand Taxi Business in Brazil: An Overview of Driver’s App 

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On-Demand Taxi Business in Brazil An Overview of Driver’s App

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Whether calling a cab on the streets or booking it online, a taxi driver plays a crucial role in the On-Demand Taxi Business. Uber, 99, Easy Taxi, and Cabify are some of the popular taxi apps in Brazil. Each has a simple yet effective driver’s app to reward and attract drivers to their business. This blog will teach you how to create your own driver’s app for your On-Demand Taxi Business.


Apart from the user or rider app, the key to successfully running a taxi business lies in a driver app. An online taxi app failing to provide quality features will eventually lose customers despite creating a feature-loaded platform. Balancing supply and demand among passengers’ bookings and driver availability should be the true goal before making money.

What is a Driver App?

Made for the people planning to join your business as drivers, the driver app is a standalone platform. It is known for its convenient design elements and navigation-related features. Moreover, it can inform, advise, engage, and organize various things in a neatly labeled manner for the driver.

Being a counterpart to the user app, the driver app is designed to confirm bookings and communicate with the user before arriving at the destination. Top features include trip statistics, total earnings, average ratings, managing vehicles, documents, wallet balance, etc.

From Accepting the Ride Request to Rate and Review Customers

Brazil’s taxi culture thrives on advanced technological apps offering different commission rates for their drivers. However, convenience surpasses the financial aspect for many, so you need to have features to create a self-sufficient driver app for your On Demand Taxi Business.

It all starts with the trip request sent by the passenger from the user app to all the nearby drivers. The driver can either accept or decline the request. If the driver accepts the request, the passenger or rider will be notified subsequently.

Moreover, the Google Map API lets the driver see the route toward the pickup address with a changing real-time ETA. However, this cannot be done in the first place if the driver has changed the availability status from offline to online.

Once online, the app sends the ride requests made by passengers within the range. A pickup location will be shown on the app as soon as the driver accepts the ride. Furthermore, the trip can only start after receiving the OTP confirmation code from the user/rider.

Simply put, all drivers within the range of X miles/kilometers receive a notification with a countdown on their driver app. Whether they accept the job under the countdown determines the number of successful trips made!

Feature-Driven and Driver-Centric App

To be in the taxi market, you must have some unique feature or a business model that separates you from others. When adding features, you aim to attract drivers by helping them make more money from your platform.

To do this, you can start a loyalty program to encourage good service. In other words, drivers will get certain monetary rewards based on their level or badge due to the high ratings they receive from riders. Moreover, if the driver achieves the defined criteria, a level/badge will be credited to their in-app wallet immediately.

Furthermore, attracting drivers by giving them tips about their service is also a good approach to gaining the interest of local drivers. Besides adding the ‘tip’ feature, the driver app should also facilitate back-to-back trips.

Rather than waiting for the next trip, drivers hailing from the top cities in Brazil can earn more money by keeping their schedules organized and agile. Moreover, you can also add a feature that can help the driver earn more when traveling to a predefined destination, like home.

Other features include the “Waybill Generation” in the driver’s app. Waybill lists all the details of the ride without showing the amount. Showering any leading authority about the proof of ride and other details is necessary.

Developing an App in Brazil’s On-Demand Taxi Business

As mentioned earlier, the presence of Uber, Cabify, 99, and Easy Taxi has made the Brazilian On-Demand Taxi Business very competitive. However, a flip side to the same situation is the surging prices of taxi businesses. Such online businesses are failing to comply with the cheap and traditional taxi providers. In this business model, your business can become an exclusive hit by offering something fresh to your customers. It could be related to payment integrations, design elements, or loyalty programs. The point is that you must focus on creativity and the quality of drivers along with their vehicles. You can delegate the entire app development work to a professional white-label firm.

Most entrepreneurs opt for an MVP approach to starting a new business. But if the business has already been established in the market, it’s best to instantly integrate the latest customer feedback. Business owners fail to understand the value of time despite the presence of a new business in a saturated market.

Therefore, enter the market with a freshly customized app in just 1-2 weeks. You can read more about Uber Clone, 99 Clone, Easy Taxi Clone, and others online. However, keep your focus on finding a licensed source code to get things started.


Like any other country, Brazil is known for its culture and the traditional taxi empire. For the past decade, the rapid expansion of Uber has changed everything in Brazil. The wave of similar app-based companies has also started to scatter the anxious demands of customers. However, you can enter the market with a colossal app. Launching a ready-made Uber-like app with better overall features and functionalities is bound to be a profitable venture.