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How To Withdraw a Resignation Letter For a Better Career Opportunity

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Quitting a job does send in the breeze of freedom to embark on a new journey which for some turns out to be a turning point in their career and life. However, only a few people who resign turn out to be happy. After some rational analysis, a need may arise to withdraw your resignation letter. The reasons for the same can be manifold, either the new job doesn’t look as promising as it was supposed to be or maybe there’s an unexpected financial crunch. In all such cases, withdrawing a resignation letter becomes essential but again there’s a way of such a withdrawal. 


What does it mean to revoke a letter of resignation? When you rescind a resignation letter, you inform your employer that you want to continue working for them and no longer wish to leave the organisation. If you send a letter rescinding your resignation, the employer will decide whether you can stay or if the provisions of your initial resignation notice will be followed.


You may be able to rescind your resignation letter and continue working in your existing position, depending on your circumstances. Following are the steps that can be followed to withdraw your resignation letter.

Approaching the Upper Management To Retract Your Resignation Letter 


Speak with your manager before formally retracting your resignation letter. They might be delighted to learn you’re considering staying with the organisation, as it will make your future actions much simpler. In any event, it’s critical to understand your position.


As soon as feasible, speak with a member of HR or your manager in person. Explain why you wish to rescind your resignation letter professionally and demonstrate that you’re committed to continuing with the organisation this time. There’s a need to be extremely careful with the decisions you make now.


Your upper management will likely want to talk about why you wanted to quit in the first place. Be honest with your manager about your reasons for resigning, whether they were financial, a desire to learn new skills, or a general feeling of dissatisfaction in the workplace. If they choose to accept your retraction, they may take your reasons into account and make changes so you no longer feel unhappy or unchallenged. If, on the other hand, you’re just remaining because your other offer was rejected or you simply didn’t have a sustainable backup plan then it’s best to keep those reasons to yourself.


Draft and Submit a Formal Withdrawl Resignation Letter 


Make sure your letter of resignation is properly formatted. Make it look like a traditional business letter by using a legible font like Times New Roman 12 point. Your letter of resignation should be addressed to the person who received your letter of resignation. It might be your immediate boss or Human Resource Head. Instead of indenting between paragraphs, you can leave an extra blank line.


The first paragraph should be direct: you want to rescind your resignation letter due to a change in circumstances. Mention the date on which you submitted your resignation letter. 


“I am writing to rescind my prior resignation letter, dated October 18th, 2019,” for example.


In the second paragraph, one can mention the reasons for quitting in the first place and put up a justification for staying or why you’ve changed your mind. Kindly ensure that the reasons stated are bonafide, if you’re coming back because the other offer fell through then it’s best to not mention it. An example of a starting statement can be –

“This employment has provided me with many opportunities to increase my knowledge base and grow my talents,” for example. If I can stay, I can tell you that the company will prosper.” 


You may also want to rescind because the upper management might have formerly extended additional offers for your stay which might have included higher pay for more responsibilities. If this is the case, include the information in your message and state that you accept it.


Finish the letter on a high note. You should write positively about the company in the third and last paragraph to improve your manager’s overall perception of you. Extend your gratitude towards the organisation for the professional achievements and progressive experience that have come to you.


“I look forward to continuing to work here at XYZ Company and sincerely apologise for any unintentional inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your valuable time and consideration.” 


After that, type and sign your name, followed by “Sincerely.”

Quickly Schedule an In-person Meeting with Your Manager 

Schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The goal is to speak with your boss as soon as possible after sending the letter. If you work in a casual environment, come in and ask to speak with someone. If your office is more formal, though, set up a meeting. Declare an emergency to the secretary. 


If your manager can’t find your resignation letter, bring a copy with you.


Possibilities After Formal Submission of the Writeup and Meeting

Your manager may be pleased to hear you want to stay, but it’s also conceivable they won’t, and you’ll have to go on time. Be prepared to receive both sides of the coin. If you need to start a new job hunt, keep your résumé up to date and your network ready with references and recommendations. It’s good to leave on a good note in case you wish to maintain good relations with the organisation.


Unfortunately, an employer is not required by law to accept your resignation cancellation. They may believe you are no longer capable of doing your responsibilities, or they may doubt your devotion to the job. They can, however, accept your resignation if they believe it is in the best interests of the company.


In this dynamic job market, leveraging the expertise of the best placement agency can be incredibly beneficial. These agencies can provide valuable insights into market trends, salary benchmarks, and potential career opportunities. They can also assist you in evaluating whether withdrawing your resignation aligns with your long-term career goals. Engaging with a reputable staffing service ensures that you make informed decisions that contribute positively to your professional growth.

Legal Options and Rights as an Employee in India


Key Takeaways from the Judgements of Supreme Court Cases


1) An employee can retract their resignation letter before it becomes effective only in the absence of:


  • Anything contrary to the provisions governing the terms and conditions of the office/ post
  • A legal contractual or constitutional bar


2) A Resignation cannot be withdrawn if the administration has already made arrangements to act on the resignation and spent considerable expenses and efforts on training the replacement employee.

Sample Letter and Email to Withdraw Your Resignation 


Ashmita Khandelwal

South Delhi Extension – II

(201) 555-4545



November 1, 2021


Anup Bajaj


Yes Consulting

1010 Mumbai, Suite 10


Respected Anup,


Trust you’re doing well

I’m writing to request the opportunity to withdraw my resignation dated October 12, 2021. I appreciate your counteroffer and would be delighted to stay on as a data analyst at Yes Consulting.

The conditions surrounding my employment have changed and I would appreciate the opportunity to remain in my position as a data analyst at Yes Consulting. A multitude of pressing reasons including (state reasons) put me in a position to formally resign. 

I’ve gained a lot from the organisation which has time and again shaped my personality and skills. I’ll prove to be an asset to your institution once again if given the chance to rejoin.

 I look forward to working here at Yes Consulting and apologize for any inconvenience that I may have caused to the organisation or its employees during this period.

Our earlier conversation helped clarify for me that I want to continue to build my career at Yes Consulting.

 Thank you very much for your consideration and understanding.

Thank you for your support and consideration.




[Signature for a handwritten letter]


Ashmita Khandelwal




Subject: Resignation Withdrawal Request – Ashmita Khandelwal


Dear Anup,


Due to a change in circumstances surrounding my employment, I would appreciate the opportunity to withdraw my resignation dated October 12, 2021.


If possible, I would like to continue in my current position as a Data Analyst and stay on with Yes Consulting.


We can schedule a meeting in person at the earliest for clarity. If there’s any additional information I can provide then let me know.


I would like to continue to build my career at Yes Consulting. Sincere Apologies for the inconvenience caused due to the same.



Ashmita Khandelwal