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Google Search Console: The Ultimate Guide of 2024 for Beginners

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Google Search Console

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You might be very good at baking mouthwatering pizzas that everyone at your home loves eating. But aside from your family, no one knows. Why? Because you never let them taste the heavenly pizza of yourself. Similarly, no matter how catchy your business website is, but if Google doesn’t know about it. You won’t get customers who are even searching for you. Google Search console is actually a register of Google that saves your information. A person with well-descripted free data analytics courses values the Google Search Console. Because he sees the analytics talking. And guess what? there will be no analytics if you don’t let the Google know that you also exist.

In this highly-competitive world, the new generations are in-a-race with one another. Everyone is unleashing the power of Google search console to get ahead of their competition. This is actually a war of intelligent minds competing one another. But the one who is skilled with a free SEO course amongst all those data analysts, wins it. Because he knows the right strategy to run the websites. And he just doesn’t blindly follow all what Google says. He further studies and try to find the right and unique way to implement all the methods. Which makes his website leave behind all the competition in the virtual world. However, this ultimate guide Google search console 2024 also states the whole story that all the beginners and pros should know. Let’s start exploring the inside out of it to comprehend what the pros have been doing with it.

What is Google Search Console?

Before we start, let’s learn what is Google Search console. To understand it clearly, Google Search Console is a basically free tool from Google that accommodates website owners to register their knowledge with Google. It also helps in analyzing and understanding how their website appears over Google Search results. Especially, when someone searches some specific keywords that matches your business. In short, it’s like a management center for your website that showcases the overall performance on Google.

Why is Google Search Console Important?

Imagine you have a website, but no one knows it exists. And guess what’s the petty reason behind this? Well, because your website hidden in a mysterious street that Google knows no about. That’s the place, Google Search Console comes in handy. Although it’s a bit tactful. However, if you use it, then it will help you create awareness amongst your customers searching for you. In short, Google Search console makes sure that Google knows about your website so people can discover you easily.

Setting Up Google Search Console

First, you need to install your website on Google Search Console. It’s as easy as walking in the park or eating a pie. All you need is to register yourself through your Google account. Secondly, you need to upload your website and confirm that you are the owner of your website. And you don’t even need high-tech knowledge for this process. Google will manually guide you throughout the whole process. All you need is to read the descriptions carefully and follow them. However, we are also going to mention some magic points that will help you attain your goals easily.

·         Understanding Search Analytics

Search Analytics is like your website’s report card. It shows you the total number of people visiting your website online. Furthermore, it also describes which keywords they use to find your website, and where they’re coming from. In short, it’s like a goldmine of information about people’s searches to help you enhance your website.

·         Index Coverage Report

Did you ever wonder what if Google is having trouble finding your website? Well, worry not. Because the Index Coverage report has your back. As a result, it tells you if there are issues with Google indexing your pages and gives you guidelines on how to restore them.

·         Sitemaps

Basically, the sitemap is a treasure map for Google. It indicates Google all of the linked pages to your website. So, it can index them quicker and more appropriately understanding every detail. Therefore, you have to upload a sitemap to Google Search Console to let the Google know that your website exists.

·         Mobile Compatibility

These days, most of the people use internet on their phones and even scroll for hours. That’s why, it’s crucial to ensure that your website works perfectly on all the cell devices. The Mobile Compatibility record in Google Search Console allows you to optimize your website across all the mobile devices.

·         Rich Results

Have you ever seen the fancy search results with megastar ratings, pictures, and other cool stuff? Wel, those are well-known as rich-results. And guess what? They can make your website stand-out amongst the search listings of your competition. In short, Google Search Console can show you if your website is eligible for rich results and how to get it.

·         Security Issues

Nobody likes a hacked website. Google Search Console can warn you if it detects security troubles with your website. Such as, if there are malwares or phishing attacks. Which means that it also works as a safety guard for your website security.

·         URL Inspection Tool

Have you ever published a new webpage on your website? But it is not showing in Google search results even if you search the related term with your page as well? Well, to cope with this, you need something that’s called the URL inspection. It is a tool which helps you see how Google analyzes your page. Not only that, it also suggests further tactful recommendations on how to improve your webpage’s visibility. In this way, you can let the Google understand that your new page is linked to your website. And Google should show it with the relevant searches that matches the webpage’s content.

·         Performance Enhancements

Not to mention that, Google loves speedy websites, and so do your site visitors. Similarly, Google Search Console helps you to understand where your website is slowing down. So, you can come up with a better strategy to make it load faster and quicker.

·         Structured Data

Structured data is like setting labels on your website to help Google understand what it’s about. For this, Google Search Console can tell you if there are any troubles with your data. And how can you fix and resolve it. So, the Google may understand and show it to the relevant queries.

·         Crawl Stats

Ever wonder how many times Google crawls your website? To get the comprehensive data, and see how many times it crawls your website, you need to analyze crawl status. The Crawl Stats file in Google Search Console offers you all of the juicy info. Such as, how many pages Google is crawling within a day and how rapidly is it crawling.

·         User Experience

Lastly, your website is all about the user experience. In this way, Google Search Console helps you keep your traffic satisfied by giving you comprehensive insights. It educates your on how they’re interacting with your webpages. Not only that, it also guides you what strategy or fixes you need to make. Which will result in more growth and explosive revenue in your business.


In the nutshell, we have understood every little details of Google Search Console that could benefit you in 2024. You can tailor your strategy and learn why your website is not showing over the search results. Remember, this Google Search Console is actually your one-stop shop for all things. Especially the ones which are related to your website’s performance on Google. And it doesn’t even matter whether you’re a pro or a novice, GSC has something for every being. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started and take your website to the next-level with Google Search Console!