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Easy Strategies for Exporting Contacts from Excel to iPhone

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Ever wished to transfer contacts from Excel to an iPhone? It isn’t as difficult as you can imagine! Getting your contacts onto your iPhone can be useful, whether you’re organizing them for professional purposes or are simply attempting to keep your connections manageable. As a result, this book walks you through the finest methods and their recommendations for doing the work at hand concurrently.

Thus, stay put and read through this to have a deeper understanding of the idea. Let’s start by going over the user inquiries, which give us an idea of the kinds of issues that arise when we lack a solid answer.

The Question of the User

“Hello to every one of you. I’m here to tell you that I decided to transfer my enormous collection of Excel contacts to my iPhone to make them simpler to reach. Does anyone have any help with this? Could you please tell me the best way to import several contacts into my iPhone at once?

“Help! If you could recommend a particular program that would let me move contacts from Excel to my iPhone, that would be very helpful. I really do need it. So, if you know of the most widely used online strategy, do let me know. With best wishes ahead of time.

How Can I Use My iPhone to Export Contacts From Excel Intelligently?

Before starting the solution, keep in mind that there isn’t a straight way to import contacts from Excel onto an iPhone. The issue then becomes, “How do we start doing the same?” You don’t have to worry, though, since there is a simple method for transferring Excel contacts to your iPhone.

As a result, you must first convert Excel contacts into VCF files. After that, importing those vCard files into your iPhone all at once is simple. The WholeClear Excel to vCard Converter can assist with that. This makes it simple to export contacts from Excel to iPhone, including XLT, XLSM, XLSB, and XLTX.

The nicest part is that it can simultaneously convert a sizable volume of Excel data onto vCard. If you’re interested in the rules about the same, they are as follows:

  • To preview the contacts, add your Excel contact file to the program after opening it.
select excel file
  • Compare the fields in your Excel file with those in the program.
  • Add some empty email addresses to your Excel file if you’d like.
browse location
  • Choose the vCard version that you like most.
  • Select the location for the new vCard file to be saved.
  • To import your contacts from Excel to your iPhone, click “Convert.”
convert excel to vcf

Create an iPhone Import VCF File

The steps for exporting contacts from Excel to the iPhone in the second stage are as follows:

  • Click the next arrow after opening and logging in with your credentials.
  • To import Excel contacts into your iPhone, choose Contacts.
  • To export Excel contacts, click Settings in the bottom-left corner and choose Import vCard.
  • Select the stored location of the vCard file, and your contacts will synchronize with iCloud.
  • Make sure the same iCloud account is configured on your iPhone, then go through your contacts.
  • Your Excel contacts will be in iCloud when the conversion of Excel to iPhone contacts is complete.

Put Everything Together

Currently, the majority of users are thinking about storing their material in large quantities using Excel. Nevertheless, they decided to transfer Excel contacts to iPhones for a variety of reasons. However, many are unaware that there isn’t a way to directly move Excel contacts to an iPhone. As a result, we want to educate people with this advice on how to import contacts into their iPhones using vCard conversion. 

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