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Cute and Unforgettable Graduation Cards for Your Close People

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Leaving school is definitely one of the major achievements in the whole life period which can be accompanied by positive emotions and determination. Hence, expressing your feelings on this special day through a creatively and emotionally inspiring and touching card to your important lovers makes the day even more joyful. Regardless of the situation, whether you are celebrating with a high school graduate, college graduate, or anyone completing an education experience, the right card takes your pride, encouragement and sentiment in a heartfelt message to the graduate.


1. Personalized Photo Cards

The most suitable type of photo cards is Tear-off Photo Cards, which will enable you to capture some of the important events in the graduate’s journey. Special birthdays can ensue from the first day of school to graduation day and all of their pictures in between can be captured. There are many websites and applications available that help to design such cards these days and these make it very easy to devise a good-looking card which can include something special and meaningful about the graduate’s experience.


2. Handwritten Notes

In today’s world social media is taking over the top place in communication while a handwritten letter or greeting cards expresses more of a person than words can even think of. Make sure that you spend the time in order to write a message that will show the exact bond that the graduate and you share as well as the feelings that you have when the graduate is accomplishing their goals. Be more concrete and speak of particular things that you recall from your conversation or your observations regarding one’s character, and the things that you like about him or her, along with the things that you wish for that person’s future. The things you will say will sink in and what you do and say will be cherished like a memory.


3. Interactive Cards

The purpose served by the interactive cards is that they introduced a certain level of surprise and joy into the Graduation Thank you cards ordeal. It is possible to receive cards with flaps or tabs that is only opened after a specific procedure and there are those that come with puzzles, or even secret messages hidden in the card. These cards are effective in telling the graduate congratulations while at the same time coming with the play element that is entertaining.


4. Quotation Cards

How it works When choosing a quote for graduation, its meaning should in one way or another reflect the importance of the occasion as well as what awaits in the future. Search for suggestions from other people at different stages of their education or career, or from well-known personalities such as popular book authors and historical figures. To come up with the quote for a get well soon card, consider adding a message on the card to match the quote to make the card both meaningful and motivational.


5. Humorous Cards

If the graduate is one to appreciate humor in this event, then it would be a good idea to get a card that brings humor in this occasion. Cards should have funny quotes regarding to the event such as graduation, funny illustrations, or comic strip that will remind of the personality of the graduate. Only make sure that the humor used is creepy or something they would not fully understand, or that you feel that is the kind of fun they like.


6. DIY and Crafted Cards

If one has interest in creativity or willing to make a custom design, the DIY cards are ideal. Handmade cards may be made from the scrapbooking accessories, and elegant writing instruments such as, colored pencils, ink pads among others. Add a sense of personal identity using ingredients like an interest in sports, music, or programs to which the graduate subscribes.


7. Interactive Digital Cards

As technology advances, modern ways of showing cards are through interacting animated cards known as e-cards. There is always a platform where users can customize their digital cards and they contain various features such as photos, videos, graphics and animations. These cards can be quickly forwarded to one’s friends through a social platform or share with the family via an e-mail.


8. Gift Card Combo

For instance, with the current trend in photocards, adding a gift card to the graduate’s favorite store or restaurant sends a thought-provoking message as well as you okay gift along with the photocards. If you are in any way affiliated – be it through work or family – it proves that you appreciate their achievement and also care for them to indulge on something special before they take on the next journey.


9. Poetry and Prose Cards

If you are creative and good with words then writing a poem or writing prose mentioning the graduate might be a great idea. Aside from sentimentality, the written word can stir feelings and memories, which makes your card a piece of poetic art they will love to receive. Start to emphasize the idea of the better future, their capacity to persevere, and the interesting journey they are about to start.


10. Themed and Customized Cards

Ensure the card is for the graduate needs and reflects what he or she cares for. Science lovers, explorers, artists – select a card where the zodiac sign and images match the interests of the person.


Personalize: They can fill in such details as their names, favorite colors, inside jokes, etc., in order to achieve the best results.


Quality Materials: Ensure that you go for quality paper and quality ink to print your cards as this adds quality to the card.


Respect Their Journey: They need to have ideas in their minds and have to be recognized of the hurdles they have crossed and the achievements they have achieved while completing their studies.


Encouragement and Hope: As their last reminder, wish them success in their future activities and reassure them of your support.



Selecting a graduation card entails careful decision making due to the aspect of personality of the graduate, the existing relationship you have with them and the kind of message you wish to pass across. Whether placed in a photo card, a funny card or even a handwritten card, this simple indication of acknowledgment and appreciation of the special occasion would definitely be graciously welcomed by him/her. Use this as an opportunity to congratulate them and motivate them as they progress to the next phaseof their life.