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Book Marketing Promotional Video | How To Produce A Killer Video

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Advertising your book can be a challenging experience. You can never calculate what can happen next, and it is a part that a lot of writers usually avoid getting themselves into.

Many authors find it way easier to write than to promote their books.

One of the most fantastic ways to promote your book is to use advertising videos. These videos serve as one of the most compelling ways to transmit information you wish to share with the entire world.

So, let us dive right in and find out some of the helpful tips to promote your masterpiece with the best advertising video.

But, first, we want you to know…

Why Should You Craft A Book Trailer?

First and foremost, it is extremely versatile. You can even upload your book trailer on your social media apps or during your book signing and other media events.

Secondly, a book trailer can make it easier to recall your published work. Due to a book trailer, your audience will have a summarised knowledge of what your book is all about. This will make it more likely for them to pick out your book while browsing at the libraries or bookstores.

Online platforms such as YouTube have added a feature where you can upload a video to be featured on the landing page prior to the main event. So, if you have a book launch lined up, you can create hype by hiring a reputable book trailer maker to make the best advertising video before its release.

Now that you are aware of the importance of crafting a book trailer and why you should make one, too, how about we jump into some clever tips to tailor a mind-blowing book trailer?

8 Clever Book Trailer Strategies That Work

You have crafted a gripping book. Way to go! Now it is high time to let the world know about your work. Here are some of the best practices you should do while creating advertising videos for your book.

Step No. 1 – Create Video Teasers

You must advertise your book way before it is actually available in the market. This is one of the ideal ways for readers to be acquainted with what you have in mind. By doing so, you will get them invested in checking out your book right after it hits the shelves. The best way to advertise your book is by tailoring video teasers. You can work on producing short videos that promote your masterpiece and motivate people to follow and check out your recent work. You can advertise these video trailers on online platforms, and promote them as much as you can.

Step No. 2 – Take Advantage Of YouTube And Influencers

YouTube is one of the hugest communities where authors can promote their work and connect with a wider audience that is interested in whatever they have to say. This is why it is very significant that you have a proven online presence. However, if you don’t have one, then worry not. You can always reach out to your favourite YouTubers or influencers to ask them if they would be willing to read your work.

Step No. 3 – Record Yourself Answering Audience Questions

Tell your followers to tweet or email you their queries that they would want answers to if they were ever given an opportunity to interview you. Then record yourself catering to those questions. This would work perfectly if you have a loyal following. Or you can also start creating a buzz to generate an ideal social following. One way you can do that is by appearing on popular podcasts that chat about your book.

Step No. 4 – Create A Video Reading One Of Your Chapters

This is one of the greatest tactics for advertising your books on YouTube as it is very interesting and easy to do. Prior to publishing your book, you need to advertise it by recording yourself reading a part or one of its chapters. You do not need many fancy effects. Only upload the video on the platform and advertise it through your social networks. Add a link in the description if you plan to promote it in that manner.

Step No. 5 – Share What Happens Behind The Scenes

Display how you tailored your book cover in front of your audience. Show them where you were when working on a particular scene. Such sort of video will give your audience a more personal stance on the creative process and might be compelling for your audience to see. These videos can showcase your writing schedule or you can talk about the inspirations behind your book. Regardless of the subject you opt for in your behind-the-scene video, make sure that it is genuine and authentic.

Step No. 6 – Host A Book Reading

Invite a partner or a friend with a podcaster. Take turns reading pages and then discuss what was just read – discuss the themes, story, and character. Make sure you do this in front of a webcam so your audience can see both. Book readings promote dialogue between writers and their audience and aid them to dive even deeper into your book.

Step No. 7 – Organise A Book Giveaway

Offer your audience an opportunity to win your book for free. If you have a limited edition or a special edition hardback, it will make the giveaway even more notable. You can hire any book cover illustration service in UK to get some innovative book cover ideas for your book. Record yourself while discussing why you are giving these special editions away. Promote it on Facebook or tweet about it and tag as many friends as you can. This will work greatly if your upcoming book is a part of a series. This is a perfect way to advertise your book as people genuinely love to get free stuff. It can be a bit time-consuming but the results will be totally worth it.

Step No. 8 – Create An “Unboxing” Video

Make a video of yourself opening your packaged book for the first time. Feel free to show off what is inside. It is a great way to promote your book and display your book cover. Let people know how thrilled you are for them to read your book, and highlight the beautiful packaging of your book as well. Such sort of video is particularly great if you have crafted special editions with a limited-time offer.


How can I make the best book advertisement video?

Tailor a marketing video to display your book and go through quotes. This advertising video must not be more than 60 seconds and include space to display a back and front cover, 18 text lines and approximately 6 pages.

What elements make an ideal book advertisement?

Your book advertising video will need a catchy tagline or a brief description of the book. It must be just long enough to catch the reader’s interest. Keep in mind that the goal is to have them click through to learn more. If you think that you can ace this, then feel free to jot down the copy all on your own.

How can I find book influencers?

You can find influencers within your niche in three ways, including:

  1. Search for them manually on social media
  2. Google
  3. Use an influencer search tool and a lot more

What should I say in my book advertising video?

Start with 1 to 3 exciting questions. For fiction, you cannot answer startling statistical questions about the things you are writing about. However, if you are writing nonfiction books, you can easily pat into these questions.

Summing It All Up!

It is mindblowing to even think about how much you can literally do with advertising videos. You can promote your content by tailoring video trailers, unboxing, hosting readings, and a lot more. The sky is the limit over here, you can do pretty much anything. However, it is vital that you opt for the option that is most relevant to your book and how you wish for it to be presented. With so many options to choose from, you might require some time to plan out exactly what you wish to do and then prioritise accordingly.