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Birdwatching in Jim Corbett National Park: A Must-Visit For Bird Lovers

Home - Travel - Birdwatching in Jim Corbett National Park: A Must-Visit For Bird Lovers

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Jim Corbett National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in Uttarakhand’s Nainital district. It proved a great initiative in conserving wildlife from the verge of extinction. The mention of this national park makes anyone imagine Bengal tigers, and other animal species like leopards, reptiles, elephants, deer, etc. But these are not the only species you will find here. This wildlife sanctuary also welcomes bird lovers as it houses 664 species of birds. If you are planning for a family vacation, then don’t confine your visit merely to animals, but also avail the opportunity to watch beautiful sights of birds singing and flapping their wings. 

Jim Corbett National Park: A must-place to watch numerous bird species

If you are a wildlife lover, visiting Jim Corbett National Park should be the destination you would love to visit. Apart from exploring safari zones in Ranthambore National Park, watching the different species of birds will also give you a new, joyous experience. When listing these beautiful winged species, it is confined to crows, pheasants, bulbuls, owls, ducks, pigeons, eagles, doves, woodpeckers, etc. Note that you will need binoculars to help you get clear vision when watching the birds sitting on high branches. Now, please look at the list of birds you can see in Jim Corbett National Park.

Blossom Headed Parakeet

It may be expected to see the red-necked parrots in your area. But there are other different species of parakeets. One such is the blossom-headed parakeet, which you can spot in Jim Corbett National Park. These parakeets have plum-red heads and lime-green bodies. 

Himalayan Woodpecker

The Himalayan woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker with a black back, white patches on shoulders, and feathers with spots. You can spot the difference between males and females by noticing the colour of the head. Males have a distinct red colour on their heads, whereas females have black. 

Brown Fish Owl

Coming on to the next is a brown fish owl whose body is marked with dark streaks. It spends most of its time near water to fetch its daily diet, consisting of frogs, lizards, crabs, carrions, small birds, shrimps, and fishes. This bird has a distinctive feature with horizontally spread ear tufts.

Green Bee Eater

Green Bee Eater is joining the list of popular tourist attractions in Jim Corbett National Park. The bird’s name suggests its diet, which is bees. The slender-bodied bird is about 16-18 cm in size. Its skin is bright green, and its eyes are bloody red. These birds live in agricultural fields, grasslands, scrub, and places quite far from water. 

Emerald Dove

The emerald dove belongs to the pigeon family and is very shy, secretive, and calm, with a low cooing voice. These birds can live in multiple environments, including tropical rainforests, suburban gardens, woodlands, and mangroves. They feed on seeds, insects, fruits, and grass plants. 

Cinereous Vulture

Cinereous vultures are among the largest birds. They play a positive role in the ecosystem by feeding on carcasses, which helps prevent the spread of diseases. Although these birds are distinctly black, their whole bodies are brown. The carrions they prey on include large mammals, reptiles, and fishes. However, they also make live prey on calves of animals.

Best place to stay near Jim Corbett National Park

If you want to enjoy your bird-watching experience, plan your stay at jüSTa Lazy Haven Corbett, a luxury resort in Corbett. Sprawling across 1 acre of land, the resort is ideal for luxury seekers. It has 24 state-of-the-art rooms that bring relief from the noise of city life. Every room has been meticulously crafted with ample space and an exceptional view. Other facilities make this resort an ideal stay. These include a swimming pool with greenery and a spa to rejuvenate your mind and body. 

The Sabor is one of the top restaurants in Corbett. It has a perfect ambience and serves meals worldwide and tasty sweet and salty beverages. The restaurant also provides in-room dining so you can enjoy breakfast in bed. You can pick between a buffet with multiple options and a À la carte menu. The restaurant is open late at night, letting you experience dining under the stars.


So now you know that Jim Corbett National Park is famous for Bengal tigers and a welcome retreat for birdwatchers who can see the beautiful birds they have seen in books and magazines. The ideal time to visit the national park is during the winter months, from November to March. During these months, you can spot migratory birds alongside native ones.