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Apply for ISI Mark Registration Certification for Your Product

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The ISI mark is a symbol of quality and trust in India. It stands for the Indian Standards Institute, which is now known as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Getting ISI mark certification for your product means it meets the quality standards set by the BIS. This mark not only boosts your product’s credibility but also ensures safety and reliability for consumers. If you are looking to get the ISI mark for your product, this guide will help you understand the process in simple terms.

What is ISI Mark Certification?

The ISI mark is a certification mark for industrial products in India. It certifies that a product conforms to the standards set by the BIS. Products with the ISI mark are tested for quality, safety, and performance. This mark is especially important for products like electrical appliances, cement, kitchen appliances, and more, where safety is a major concern.

Why is ISI Mark Important?

1. Consumer Trust: Products with the ISI mark are trusted more by consumers because they meet the high standards of BIS.
2. Quality Assurance: The ISI mark ensures that the product is of high quality and safe to use.
3. Market Access: Many government tenders and contracts require products to have the ISI mark.
4. Competitive Edge: Products with the ISI mark stand out in the market, giving them a competitive advantage.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting ISI Mark Certification

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you get ISI mark certification for your product:

1. Identify the BIS Standard

The first step is to identify the BIS standard applicable to your product. Each product has a specific standard number. You can find this information on the BIS website or by contacting BIS directly.

2. Apply for Certification

Once you know the applicable standard, you need to apply for certification. You can do this online through the BIS portal. Fill out the application form with all the necessary details about your product and your company.

3. Submit Documents

Along with the application form, you need to submit various documents. These include:

– Proof of business registration
– Details of the manufacturing process
– Product specifications
– Test reports (if any)

Ensure that all documents are complete and accurate to avoid any delays in the process.

4. Pay the Fees

There are fees associated with the certification process. This includes application fees, inspection fees, and testing fees. Make sure to pay all the required fees on time.

5. Inspection by BIS

After submitting the application and fees, BIS will schedule an inspection of your manufacturing facility. A BIS officer will visit your facility to check the manufacturing process, quality control measures, and product samples.

6. Product Testing

Your product samples will be tested in BIS-approved laboratories to ensure they meet the required standards. The tests will check for various parameters like safety, performance, and durability.

7. Certification Decision

Based on the inspection and test results, BIS will decide whether to grant the ISI mark certification. If your product meets all the requirements, you will receive the certification.

8. Use of ISI Mark

Once you receive the certification, you can start using the ISI mark on your product and packaging. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided by BIS on the proper use of the ISI mark.

Maintaining ISI Mark Certification

Getting the ISI mark is not a one-time process. You need to maintain the quality standards to keep your certification valid. Here are some tips to help you maintain your ISI mark certification:

– Regular Testing: Conduct regular tests on your product to ensure it continues to meet the BIS standards.
– Quality Control: Implement strict quality control measures in your manufacturing process.
– Compliance: Stay updated with any changes in the BIS standards and ensure your product complies with the latest requirements.
– Renewal: The ISI mark certification needs to be renewed periodically. Make sure to apply for renewal before the expiry date.

Benefits of ISI Mark Certification

1. Consumer Confidence

Products with the ISI mark are perceived as high-quality and reliable by consumers. This boosts consumer confidence and increases the likelihood of purchase.

2. Legal Compliance

For certain products, having the ISI mark is mandatory as per Indian law. Getting certified ensures that your product complies with legal requirements, avoiding any legal issues.

3. Market Access

Having the ISI mark opens up more opportunities in the market. Many retailers, especially big chains, prefer to stock products that are ISI certified. It also makes it easier to participate in government tenders.

4. Competitive Advantage

In a competitive market, the ISI mark sets your product apart from others. It acts as a seal of quality, making your product more attractive to consumers.

5. Improved Quality

The process of getting ISI certification involves rigorous testing and quality checks. This helps in improving the overall quality of your product, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

1. Understanding the Standards

One of the common challenges is understanding the BIS standards applicable to your product. To overcome this, you can consult with experts or hire a consultant who has experience with BIS certification.

2. Documentation

Ensuring that all required documents are complete and accurate can be challenging. Make a checklist of all necessary documents and double-check them before submission.

3. Inspection and Testing

The inspection and testing phase can be rigorous. To prepare, ensure that your manufacturing facility is well-organized and adheres to high-quality standards.

4. Costs

The costs associated with certification can be high. Plan your budget accordingly and consider the long-term benefits of getting the ISI mark.


Getting ISI mark certification for your product is a valuable step towards ensuring quality, safety, and consumer trust. It opens up new market opportunities and gives your product a competitive edge. By following the steps outlined in this guide and maintaining high standards, you can successfully achieve and retain ISI mark certification. Remember, the ISI mark is not just a symbol; it’s a commitment to quality and excellence.