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A Sneak Peek into the Function of the Registered Nurses

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Registered nurses in the present time have evolved their roles according to the type of delivery in healthcare. Therefore, their functions have undergone a major change with time. They are involved in providing health care, enabling the quality of life and holistic development of human care. Also their presence helps give quality care in any form of healthcare delivery system. Registered nurses are essential in promoting, maintaining, and restoring health. This is the reason why competent nurses should be developed. This can be done through proper guidance and education. Additionally, this would help in carrying out the roles properly. Students who are in nursing courses must have all the skills to become registered nurses. If students have issues with assignments related to the nursing profession, nursing assignment help in Australia can be contacted.

Major Functions of the Registered Nurse


Registered nurses are involved in providing hands-on care in a variety of settings. In addition, they provide guidance on managing patients’ physical needs, treating health conditions, and allowing implications for preventing disease. They also help prepare patients for treatment and tests.

Teaching about the Healthcare

Good nursing practice includes teaching about health. It is one of the major functions of the registered nurse. They teach about managing medical conditions and caring for patients post-testament. Along with this, they provide education on healthy habits, better health promotion, preventing illness, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Counseling Role

The registered nurses provide psychological support and emotional support. This allows the patient and the family to manage the situation of the crisis. Moreover, they guide people on how to make the right decision concerning the choices for treatment and health

Diagnosing and Monitoring

This is one of the most critical roles played by registered nurses. They regularly identify problems with the patients. Taking those into consideration, they establish the care plan by analyzing the settings. Also, the short-term and long-term goals are set as per the assessment and the diagnosis. Moreover, the nurses also identify the problems, causes, and risks that the patient might face. With the help of diagnosis, they also help in relieving, alleviating, and providing cures to the patients.


Registered nurses also act as nurses as administrators if they have a license and advanced degrees in the field of nursing experience. The administrators in nurses have a lot of duties to carry out. They are mainly involved in overseeing the staff of the nursing department, whether they are carrying out their duty properly or not. Also the nurse administrator also motivates the staff to pursue their duties well. Also, they supervise the assistant administrator as well. All in all, the nurse administrators are involved in dynamically running the healthcare setting without any interruption in the care of the patients.

Nurses Acting as an Advocate

A registered nurse also acts as an advocate in order to establish the rights of patients in care. They are responsible for providing sufficient information to the patient and their family members in order to make important healthcare decisions related to them and their health. They also help explore the complete medical system, translate the medical terms, and helping the patient in making ethical decisions. In addition, the advocate nurses also make sure that the patient practices autonomy while taking any medical care. Apart from all these they also help the families of patients to be part of decisions and actions. Also, speaking about the problems might go unnoticed if it is not talked about to the patients.

Nurses as Manager

As managers, nurses must perform administrative duties to fulfill and achieve goals. These goals include assessing clients’ needs, planning their health care, and implementing them accordingly. Nurse managers are also responsible for supervising the nursing department staff who work in the clinical setting or in a hospital.

Collaborator Role

The registered nurses practice their duties in various areas and regions. Therefore they need to communicate and collaborate with all types of people. These may include patients. Their family members, nurses, co-workers, therapists, etc., and in this case, they act as collaborators for the mental health care experts. This is because they have to speak to all of these in relation to the patient and their well-being.

Leadership Roles

Registered nurses also act as active leaders today. As leaders, registered nurses help in instructing, persuading, and affecting change that would benefit patients. Leadership is a primary function carried out by registered nurses. It allows the change of health policy based on patients’ needs; hence, with this function of leadership, the nurses can help bring change. Assignments related to leadership can be solved by the experts of online nursing assignment help.

Researching in their Fields

Nurses who are involved in research are termed scientists and investigators. They study various aspects of illness, health issues, and the care system. As researchers, they join the investigation in a systematic way, collecting, analyzing, and resolving problems based on the data. This data helps develop the practice of the professional sphere. Based on the results, they look for ways to improve healthcare services and outcomes.


In conclusion, registered nurses have been helpful in managing many issues faced in terms of health care. They are considered one of the most important parts of any nursing or medical field. If students of the nursing course have issues solving assignments in this field, they can get in touch with assessment help online services. They are one of the most reliable ones and provide good-quality solutions.