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9 Terms Every HR Student Must Know to Do Their Assignment

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HR or human resources deals with recruiting and retaining employees. It is an essential function for the organisation, as its success depends on its people. Moreover, if you are studying HR, you do various assignments: research and case studies. But, the issue students face is difficulty in grasping the guidelines or material. It makes them search for hr assignment help. The reason they find it challenging, they lack knowledge of the basic terminologies of HR. But worry not, as the upcoming content deals with the most used concepts and terms for your help.

HR Terms You Need to Study To Get More Grades

So, here is a list of nine HR terms to help you in your assignments. Knowing them will make you understand the HR case studies better. Moreover, they will aid you in grasping the research material for your paper easily. Furthermore, using them in your writing will leave an impression on the teacher. But even after going through the content, if you find the HR task difficult. You can get the aid of experts by searching for assignment help UK.


It is the reduction in the workforce due to various factors. The reasons can include termination, retirement or death. If the attrition rate is high, it can lead to more pressure on the existing workforce. HR’s job is to reduce it and make the employees pass on their knowledge to the person who will fill their position.


It means when the person is coming to the office, but not taking one’s duties seriously. Also, it includes the regular pattern of unplanned leaves from their office. It hampers their work and the company’s performance. Moreover, it is HR’s job to ensure zero absenteeism by using engaging activities. Also, by giving challenging work, and appreciation to the employee.


It means measuring the internal performance of the organisation and the team. It includes using various metrics like customer satisfaction, sales, and employee retention. Also, it helps to compare the results of the company with its competitors. Moreover, knowing it helps businesses to improve their performance.

Exit Interview

It is the last meeting between the employee and the manager before leaving the company. It happens to gain insights about the work conditions and possible suggestions. Moreover, companies do it to know why the employee is leaving them. This existing interview helps businesses to improve their employee relationship in the future.


It is hiring friends and relatives for a position instead of a qualified person. It hampers the organisation’s results, as the job is handled by an incompetent person. Moreover, it affects the morale and performance of the deserving employee. The person can hired from external or from within the organisation.


Compensation is the payment to the employee for any work done by one within a company. It is also known as remuneration outside the USA and Canada. It can include various types like salary, stock options, insurance, and travel facilities. Companies calculate it as per the value provided by the employee.


Demotion is making the role of the employee lower to punish the person for poor work. Moreover, it also decreases the salary of the employee. For instance, if a man is a marketing manager within a company. But because of his poor skills, the company demoted him to marketing executive.


It is the opposite of demotion, where the employee’s rank increases for quality work. For instance, if a male marketing executive is generating sales more than his peers. Also, has great insights into controlling the team and increasing sales. Thus, he gets promoted to the role of marketing manager, which also increases his salary.


It is when the employee is leaving the company and is not liable to perform one duty. One may do it to get a better job outside with better pay, and job role. Moreover, one can do it to avoid the toxic work culture of the previous company. Another reason would be to change in goals of an individual.


So, these are the nine terms that you must know if you are an HR student to do your assignments. Knowing them will help you understand the question and research material. But still, if you want any aid in writing your work, you can get it by searching for HR assignment help. They will provide you with quality output before the deadline.