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8 Patch Types you should know: A Guide for Every Occasion

Home - Lifestyle - 8 Patch Types you should know: A Guide for Every Occasion

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Speaking of the years, Patches has unveiled some creative and appealing visions for all of us. Or, more Specifically, It has distilled the silhouettes towards modern and classic twists. Many artistic references brought with a glorious element unfold the successful appeal that sustains.

From classics to practical and chic collections it helps recreate a refreshing feat. The versatile staples are leaning towards more intriguing and entirely fresh and exciting choices. It provides a constant fashion perspective that is wowed and drives the kind of interest that will make everyone say, Oh that’s so pretty! They have been an ultimate fashion inspiration with a deep appreciation for designing clothes with more luxury that transcends.

The different versatility with the timelessness and allure has taken over and is nowhere to fade. In addition, the unique and contemporary design has broadened with distinctive additions that reflect your fashion innovation. With different of the Patches and the little details you refine and define your style and personalize it. From minimalistic to casual and chic, they add fascination to your everyday fashion rotation. We have gathered some of the amazing and rousing patch types that will help you make your fashion even more alluring.


Embroidered Patches

If you are more of the highly contrasted appeal that is woven with the colorful hues of threads. Then, nothing could be better than an embroidered patch. They have a visually very appealing look and are best for a very long time. In addition, the unique texture has the potential to pop up on whatever your preference is to put it on. Not only are they affordable but their durability is utmost and craft you the most alluring styles. For an instant elevation in styling, choosing an embroidered patch could be the wisest move one could make. It stands out with its artistry of vibrant threads and colors. Personalized sew on patches are inexpensive stylish staples that you can add to your clothing, accessories, headgear, and many other options as per your preference.


PVC Patches

The second most common type is the water-proof robust three-dimensional PVC Patches. They are equally unique as the other one but with a much more modern appearance and realistic appearance. They are most commonly used for military, outdoor, and sports applications, and similar to these respectively.  Their plastic construction and never-fading quality are what qualify them. Plus, they have a rugged look and are very lightweight. If you are looking for a patch that exudes a trendy look and is long-lasting. Then, now you know what to choose.


Chenille Patches

Looking Back to the olden days, the patches designed were thick and had layers. Talking about that, chenille patches are one of the ones that were most commonly used. They are thick and have a fuzzy surface. In addition, they are specifically used for jackets, collegiate gear, caps, hoodies, custom patches NZ, and mostly on wooly stuff. They have a versatile range that reflects old school but aren’t good with the details, just have simple text and design.  However, the vibrancy and soft layer surface with thick towel outward is fashionable and back in style.


Printed Patches

As we head to this next one, you can already guess by name what printed patches are. If not, Let us tell you. They are a graphical version of design, images, and text. With the emerging trends in fashion, they are the recent inclusion. They are not like the typical patch but have a simple, easy, and realistic feel. You can either choose to get it or customize it on your own with your favorable design, pattern, color, print, text, and photographs.


Woven Patches

Moving forward to this next one, woven patches come in as next. They are the finest of all of the types as the tiniest details are embraced through the tightly woven yarn. They are somewhat similar to the embroidered patches. However, woven patches have the finery of threads as their threads are thinner compared to the other and have a flat look. The most fascinating part is with the tight weave of threads, the overall design is highlighted and looks very pretty.


Leather Patches

Leather is the oldest yet most desirable fashion choice for all. No matter what styling preference is. Leather has been on top and most luxurious. It is used widely for many purposes. Similarly, Leather Patches have been one great and admirable choice that is on trend. They are very classic and provide you with opulence with their appealing looks. As leather itself has many kinds, the patches are made through different types based on consumer preference. They are highly adaptive and possess the highest class by giving a boost to personalities.


Sequin Patches

If you are more of a glam and shimmery fan, then you must get yourself the sequin patches. They are extremely pretty with their shiny material. To the simplest and most causal outfits, they can jazz up and make it super appealing. They are the sparkly sequin material that is sewn together with different patterns, designs, and texts.  They can be customized as per your preferences and add an instant bling to your outfits that lets your personality shine.


Bullion patches

Coming towards the last, bullion Patches are the next ones that you are going to know. They are constructed with twisted metal with velvet inclusion. It is very interesting and gives a wholly premium appearance. In addition, they have mostly gold and metal wire but do have other choices that bring so much more diversity to your style. With their eye-catching appeal, they are also very durable and inexpensive. Mostly, they are used for formal like brand acknowledgment and more.



1.    What is the difference between Embroidered Patches and Woven Patches?

Both the Embroidered and Woven patches are quite similar and are made through quite similar processes to form a respective design or pattern. Both of them are very beautiful and appealing. Embroidered Patches are designed through threads while Woven Patches are made through a material called yarn. It gives a finished appearance and a flat surface.

2.    Are these Patches Washable? Do they come off?

 Yes, Patches are washable but it is necessary to ensure that your garment is upside down before you put it in your laundry. It will prevent your patch from coming out.



With all of these beautiful and alluring patches, one could make their fashion style statement so easy. They are a great way to add stylish elements to your fashion without making much of the effort. In addition, the diverse choices with the glamorous and trendy styles turn your fashion dreams a reality.