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6 Tips For Maintaining The Charm Of Your New Sew-On Patches

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Table of Contents

If you are a crazy patch fan, then this article right here is just for you! Being an admirer, you would know how tough it is to watch your step when handling patches. One little nick and all the stitching can come off in a matter of seconds.

Admit it, we have all made mistakes and destroyed at least one pretty badge in our lives, but not anymore. We, the saviours, are here to the rescue. No more panicking and messing up things at the last minute.

Just focus on the cool tricks that will help you navigate smoothly across this very challenging journey. The sew-on patches are quite delicate, and the embroidery threads can start coming off if we do not provide special care. So, are we ready for this exclusive ride?

Dos and Don’ts of Handling Sew-on Patches

Before we step ahead, we want you to acknowledge the fact that there is not just one type of brooch. There are several categories, and we are sure your collection is an assortment. Thus, since the material keeps changing, so does the procedure of treatment.

If it is a leather badge, then the tools will be different, and if it is a sequin-embroidered piece, then the conduct will be opposite. This means you first need to ascertain the badge type and then decide on the precautions.

  1. Cleaning

If your brooch is attached to a garment, you can wash it using two methods. You either wash it by hand or machine-wash it. The choice is yours, but here are a few tips to bear in mind as you continue.

Cleaning with a soft hand touch is supposedly safer. You start by using a mild detergent, a damp microfiber glove and lukewarm water. Gently start rubbing the surface for trapped dirt with the help of your fingers. Then, soak it in water and move it to the dryer.

On the other hand, if you use a machine, do not forget to flip the clothes inside out. Make sure not to use hot water, or else you might lose your favourite badge.

  1. Drying

The next step is to get rid of excess water so that we can turn the brooches dry without them getting creases. Many Custom Patches CA vendors suggest that instead of squeezing, twisting and wringing them, you can mildly press the garment against a hard surface.

Then, to maintain a crinkle appearance, ensure that your iron is within the acceptable ranges of heat. If, even for a bit, the temperature rises above the level of a patch’s resistance, the damage can be irreversible. So, always use a towel on top of the patch to save it from direct contact with warmth. Voila! A creaseless badge ready to be flaunted.

  1. Exposure

The most common mistake people make is to leave the patches out in direct contact with the sun to dry. This is the worst thing you can do to your beloved. It causes the threads to wear out with time. Hence, stop doing it right away.

Besides this, exposure to any bleach will cause equal damage not only to the sun but also to the bleach. For example, your badge has an oil stain. Therefore, instead of trying to make it go away with bleach, attempt to use a mild stain remover. You can also send it to dry clean to protect it against shrinking.

  1. Storage

After washing and drying, now is the turn to keep them stored. It needs to be in such a way that they encounter no dust, water or warmth. Therefore, pick a very cool and dry area like an indoor shelf or cabinet where you can keep them untroubled.

The brooches also need proper ventilation so it would be better if the cabinets were not airtight. Alternatively, you can hand the garments in the cupboard. It is all in one – clean, dry, airy and dust. Lastly, if you care for your pieces of art, then take extra measures and store them in a fabric bag.

  1. Repairs

People usually tend to notice injuries after it is too late, such as not detecting the sew-on-patch coming off from the edges and realizing after you lose it. To save you from this loss, we suggest that every time you pull it out from the cupboard to wear, bear a second and check for the corners.

Gently try to budge them, and you will know whether it is likely to fall soon or not. Then, you can quickly take precautions and avoid a heart-breaking incident. Likewise, if you ever observe a strand broken or misplaced, then get it fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Extra Care

Every living and non-living thing requires attention and nourishment if you wish to stay forever. Therefore, when it comes to Sew on Patches Canada, we know we have to be extra cautious, or their colours will fade.

For instance, we must ensure that they never come in contact with the chemicals in any way. Sometimes, we think that we are not using harsh liquids and that our job is done, but this is not the case. Sometimes, the acid trapped in wooden furniture makes the sew-on patches go pale. Thus, use a tissue or thin lining before you place garments at all times.

Also, never use scrubs to clean dirt off the brooch. It will only tease the threads and leave a permanent hairy look.


In Event of Misfortunes…

Even after a detailed list of obligatory safety measures, if an accident happens and the patch comes off somehow. What will you do? It is simple. Without panicking, just grab a thread, a frame and a needle.

Initially, insert the cord through the hole of the needle and tie a knot at the longer end. Then, place the fabric in the frame and pin the patch back in place. Now, you can start making firm stitches, but be very vigilant about equal spaces between them.

After you are done with the sutures, close everything up with secure knots and do not forget to do the pull-check. Once your test comes back positive, you are good to go!

Lesson Learnt…

Sew-on patches are a very mesmerizing addition to your wardrobe. It is a unique attachment that ups your style in a matter of seconds. They drag you into the limelight at every public event you wear them to, but there are times that they require your attention the most.

Such as before the cleaning time, during the drying stage and across the storage phase. Perhaps, for all their lives, they need your special attention.

We like to call it a give-and-take balanced relationship. In this, you take care of the beautiful sew-on patches, and in return, they stay your friends for a longer while. Experts propose that with appropriate upkeep, you can make the brooches last for years. All you have to do is follow the six very simple tricks.