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5 Secrets to Securing a Commercial Real Estate Loan in Today’s Market

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Getting a commercial real estate loan can be tough. Whether you’re new or experienced, it can be confusing. This guide will show you five secrets to help you secure a commercial real estate loan. These tips will make it easier in today’s challenging market for commercial real estate financing.

Secret #1: Know What Lenders Want

Why Lender Thinking Matters

To get a loan, you need to think like a lender. If you understand their view, you can make your request look better.

What Lenders Look At

1. Property Type and Location

Lenders care about the kind of property and where it is. Some types, like apartments or offices in good areas, are better.

2. Your Experience and Past Work

They want to know if you’ve managed properties before. They look at how well you’ve done in the past.

3. Your Money and Credit

Lenders check your money situation and credit history. They want to know if you can pay back the loan.

How to Meet Lender Expectations

  • Make a good business plan showing your property management skills
  • Talk about your past successes with investments
  • Keep your personal and business credit scores high

Secret #2: Learn About Property Value

Why Correct Value Matters

Knowing the right value of a property is very important. Lenders use this to decide how much to loan you.

Ways to Find Property Value

1. Income Method

This looks at how much money the property can make.

2. Comparison Method

This compares your property to similar ones that sold recently.

3. Cost Method

This estimates how much it would cost to build the property new.

Tips for Good Property Value

  • Hire a good commercial property value expert
  • Give full information about the property’s income and costs
  • Know about recent sales of similar properties nearby

Secret #3: Get the Best Loan-to-Value Ratio

What is Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio?

LTV ratio is important for lenders. It’s the loan amount divided by the property’s value.

Good LTV Ratios for Different Properties

  • Apartments: 75-80%
  • Office buildings: 65-75%
  • Retail stores: 65-75%
  • Industrial buildings: 65-75%

How to Improve Your LTV Ratio

  • Pay more money upfront
  • Try to get a lower price for the property
  • Make improvements to increase the property’s value

Secret #4: Make Your Debt Service Coverage Ratio Better

What is Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR)?

DSCR shows if a property makes enough money to pay its debts. It’s very important to lenders.

How to Calculate DSCR

DSCR = Money the property makes / Yearly debt payments

What DSCR Lenders Want

Most lenders like a DSCR of 1.25 or higher. This means the property makes 25% more than it needs for debt.

Ways to Make Your DSCR Better

  • Increase the property’s income by filling empty spaces or raising rent
  • Lower the property’s costs without making it worse
  • Change your current debts to lower your yearly payments

Secret #5: Look at Different Ways to Get Money

Beyond Regular Bank Loans

There are other ways to get money besides normal bank loans. These can help you get funding.

Other Types of Loans

1. SBA 504 Loans

Good for properties you’ll use yourself. They offer long-term loans with set rates.

2. CMBS Loans

These are for bigger properties and can have good rates.

3. Bridge Loans

Short-term loans for properties that need work or are changing.

4. Mezzanine Financing

This is a mix of loan and investment. It can fill gaps in funding.

Picking the Right Loan

  • Think about your property type and goals
  • Look at loan details like interest rates and payback times
  • See how flexible each option is for your business plan


Getting a commercial real estate loan isn’t just about filling out forms. You need to understand what lenders want. You should know about property value and ratios. Look at different loan options too. All these things can help you get approved.

Every deal is different. What works for one person might not work for you. Keep learning about the market. Build good relationships with lenders. Be ready to change your plan if needed.

These five secrets will help you navigate commercial real estate loans. Whether you’re growing your investments or starting out, these tips can help. Use them to get the money you need for your real estate plans.

Final Tips for Success

  • Keep your papers organized and complete
  • Be honest with lenders about your plans and any problems
  • Think about working with a loan expert for help
  • Keep making your money situation better, even after you get a loan

If you use these tips and keep learning, you’ll be ready. You can get the loan you need for your next big real estate deal.